Lena Dunham, creator of the show Girls on HBO: a-hole or not? As I love Lena Dunham and her show, I vote not. But there are many who criticize Dunham’s show for portraying girls as a-holes, as if that is the wrong impression. I’m not saying all women act like the cast of Girls 100% of the time, but there is definite truth to a lot of that show. It resonates with me because I say and do a lot of the dumb things I see on the show (i.e. breaking into random dance parties in my bedroom, pining over a-holes, being an a-hole when going out), and it makes me glad that someone else has thought to televise it so I don’t feel so weird.

Anyway, Lena Dunham tweeted a questionable a-hole tweet recently, and I think she handled the heat very well. As we know from the first presidential debate with the KitchenAid tweet, social media can have a huge effect on your brand and it is important to take immediate action when faced with a tweet crisis. Here is what Lena originally tweeted:


Aaand people didn’t like it. It reads pretty harsh, and can definitely be offensive. Early responses called Dunham out for mocking murder victims, and one even calls her an a-hole.


Not everyone hated it, though. And some may have argued that it’s freedom of speech, and people shouldn’t take it that seriously. Still, Lena Dunham did the right thing by mentioning that she did not want to offend people through tweets. I mean, that’s the last thing that anyone wants, right?




She’s right: the boundaries of comedy are complicated.  A forum that uses 140 characters or less is not the best place to test those boundaries, apparently.  At least she’s not Daniel Tosh.  But Lena does sum everything up nicely in the end, and I enjoy how she explains why she would apologize or take a statement back:


We don’t have to care what people think, but we also don’t have to go out of our way to be a-holes or hurt people.  You can be daring and bold without offending people, and I think Lena Dunham does that very nicely with her work.  She covered her little twit-blip very nicely as well, and then continued on in her everyday Twitter life.


Good work, Lena Dunham.  Marry me?